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We ship worldwide from Tbilisi, Georgia. Delivery agent is Georgian Post. The cost of delivery sets according to Georgian Post tariffs and takes up to 10 working days.

Some of our items are available at our stock in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Delivery agent is Russian Post. The cost of delivery sets according to Russian Post tariffs and takes up to 14 working days.

In both cases we use I class type delivery with insurance. You will receive the tracking number, so you can check the way of your parcel to you. Probably you will need to visit post office to receive your parcel. Still you can choose more fast EMS type of delivery, which also guarantees the courier delivery to your place.

Which one to choose: Tbilisi or Saint-Petersburg?

That’s up to you. Check both options and choose one that suits you.

So if the delivery cost from Tbilisi to your place is expensive, you can check if the same goods are available in Saint-Petersburg, wherefrom the cost of delivery may be less for your address.

If the good is available in Tbilisi or in Saint-Petersburg, you will be able to choose the best option for you at good’s page. For example, you want to buy white Chemo kargo t-shirt in M size. Check the box with color and size, then go to box shipping from. There you will see, if your t-shirt available in Tbilisi, or in Saint-Petersburg, or in both cities.

If you already know, that the best option for you is shipping from Tbilisi, check box shipping from – Tbilisi. Then you can choose the color and size of your t-shirt.

Please be attentive in choosing shipping from place.

Don’t mix different types of delivery and addresses in one order.

And don’t confuse the system by choosing receiving in Tbilisi and putting Moscow address.

For delivery within Tbilisi we use courier service. The delivery takes up 2-3 days. The courier will call you before visit to clarify the time of delivery.


I live in Minsk and want to order the t-shirt and postcards. I checked that it’s better to order t-shirt from Saint-Petersburg. But postcards available only in Tbilisi. Can I order these items together or should I make different orders?

You can order t-shirt from Saint-Petersburg and postcards from Tbilisi (choose “via post office at my place”) in one shot. We will send the postcards from Tbilisi and the t-shirt – from Saint-Petersburg.

I want to order different goods to different addresses, what should I do?

For each address create new order. It will be clear for both you and us.

I’m confused in choosing type of delivery. Could you help me?

Sure, just send us an email with details about your order, we will find the best way of delivery to you.